The Ultimate Bowls™ Championship is the most lucrative bowls event in the world! The 2023 Ultimate week will boast a prize pool of greater than $280,000 AUD.

The UBC is a pairs event; however, all teams consist of three players who rotate during each event. There are three events played per year.

The format of the Ultimate Bowls™ has been strategically designed to appeal to both the bowls enthusiasts, and to people who enjoy watching sport at its best in a fast-paced, exciting manner. We see a winner of every match after just 25 minutes, which has spectators both at the venue, and watching on TV at home, on the edge of their seats.

One of the UBC’s most exciting features is its dynamic and innovative scoring system. Players have the opportunity to score points with every bowl that is played. A ‘toucher’ earns their team 3 points, as does holding the shot when the leads have finished their bowls.

Both teams have the opportunity to earn points on the same end; 10 points for the closest bowl, 5 points for the second-closest and 3 points for the third-closest.

Rather than using the traditional scoreboards, we have modernised our sport by using electronic screens which are positioned at the end of each rink. All screens are connected to UBC’s newly-developed web-based app which automatically updates the score as points are awarded. In addition to this, Points Tables, Current Score Summaries and Leaderboards are all automatically generated and updated in real-time.

This equates to a fantastic event that is most certainly exciting to play and entertaining to watch!



10 Points for the closest Bowl

5 Points for second closest Bowl

3 Points for three closest Bowl

3 Points for any toucher

3 points for Leads' shot

Meet the Team:

Mark Casey (OAM) - CEO & Director (AUS)

Dr Rebecca Jelley - Director (NZ)

Chris Green - Director (AUS)

Edward Jelley - Director (NZ)

Mike Carroll - Director (NZ)

Martin Jackson - Director (NZ)


We are a diverse group of individuals with a wide range of expertise working towards the common goal of revolutionising the sport of Lawn Bowls through creating the best possible Ultimate Bowls product to showcase our sport.