The UBC Wildcard team is proudly owned by Ultimate Bowls Pty Ltd. A concept to encourage bowlers from all over the world, with all different levels of ability, to get involved and have the opportunity to participate in the UBC.


Each year at the UBC draft, three lucky bowlers are drawn out to select their own team to play in one of the UBC events during the year.

Meet the August 2023 Teams

Event One:

TIM LOVE (Figtree Sports), SHAE WILSON (Norfolk Island Bowling Club) , MATTY MILES (Figtree Sports)

Event Two:

 SHAUNA O'NEILL (Club Tweed) , CHLOE WILSON (Club Tweed/Ewarts), ADAM McKEOWN (Club Tweed)

Event Three:

JOSH STUDHAM (Somerton), BRIANNA SMITH (St Johns Park BC), JOHN FLEMMING (Dandenong Club)